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Top 7 Products Consumers Hire a Technician To Build

Need to assemble something? You’ve come to the right place. We have hundreds of assembly technicians all over the country to help you stress-less. After all, you should be enjoying your weekend! You know, “building your life, not your furniture.”

If you’re contemplating assembling furniture or a piece of exercise equipment yourself, don’t. Especially if it’s a common item most people end up asking for help. Just take a look at the top 7 products consumers hire an assembly technician to build.

1. Treadmill. Treadmills are a beast to put together meaning it could take hours to get you up and running. Yes, pun intended.

2. Exercise Bike. It’s not so hard to assemble, but there are a lot of steps meaning it will take time. If you don’t assemble often you could end up assembling this one for hours.

3. Grill. Only a few tools are required for this assembly, but this one definitely won’t be the highlight of your day. Common mistakes consumers make are putting the locking wheels on the back and forgetting to slide the shim through the support rod. Instead of having to redo steps over, just call the pros for this assembly.

4. Elliptical. Some of these can weigh hundreds of pounds, so if you’re not in shape or don’t know how to lift properly, you could throw your back out during this assembly.

5. Desk. If it has a hutch, you’ll need an extra hand. And filing cabinets are no fun to assemble either.

6. Bed. If you’re not handy, this won’t be any fun to assemble. Especially it contains a ton of support rods for the box spring.

7. Chair. A chair doesn’t sound that hard, but if you have a lot of them it can be time-consuming to assemble. Some office chairs are pretty fancy and come with electronics so some chairs can be more difficult than others to assemble.

Again, if you’re thinking about doing an assembly yourself, don’t. We have a team of pros who can assemble in half the time! We want you to enjoy your weekend, not waste it building ready-to-assemble products.

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